A Trip to Persia

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Created & Directed by BEHZAD JAMSHIDI

Curated by Vision Resident Rona Siddiqui

Originally Premiered: February 15, 2021
Run Time: 70 minutes


Want to follow along live with the recipe? Read the story behind the dish and get the recipe HERE

Inspired to make Persian cuisine? Check out this special kit from SOS Chefs, including what you need for pistachio soup and so much more. 

Originally scheduled for February 16, the premiere for A Trip to Persia has been rescheduled to February 15 due to scheduling conflicts. For questions, email tickets@arsnovanyc.com.

BEHZAD JAMSHIDI is a cultural voice in the US, where he creates ventures that are community focused and that unify the voices that drive inclusivity forward with hospitality. He founded Moosh NYC in 2018, as a community oriented business development firm for projects in F&B and has grown to consult, advise and partner with some organizations, such as Virgin, Amex, Amazon and The UN. With Moosh, Behzad hopes to unify the people and voices that will drive inclusivity and our American culture forward.

ATEF BOULABBI and her husband Adam Berkowitz started SOS Chefs in 1996, and since have grown into the bespoke Tunisian-inspired shop that curates hundreds of items from all across the world; from spices, and exotic grains, to mushrooms, vinegars, oils, tinctures and more. Boulaabi works with everyone from Michelin starred chefs to curious home cooks, extending her wealth of knowledge around ingredients, holistics and the profound influence that food has on our culture & experiences. Greeting patrons with a “Yes Chef!?” at every opportunity, SOS Chefs is the modern-day Mecca of Merchants hidden amongst the streets of the East Village on Avenue B and an institution among the culinary community at large.