2024/25 @ ARS NOVA

Everything is Chrome.

The Beastiary

created by On the Rocks Theatre Co.
written by Christopher Ford & Dakota Rose
directed by Dakota Rose
October 7, 2024 – November 9, 2024

NOTICE: Despite the human flesh raining down from the sky and the bloodthirsty mythic beasts outside the palace, you are still invited to enjoy the King’s wedding, as scheduled. The impending apocalypse will not stop us from celebrating.

Medieval meets modern in The Beastiary, a twisted comedic puppet pageant of consumption, corruption, and the end of human-kind.

the heaux church

written by Brandon Kyle Goodman
directed by Lisa Owaki Bierman
Spring 2025

A rousing, shame-free service on the birds and the bees and the eating of booty, the heaux church leads each night’s congregation in a celebration of good sex and thot mess. With humor, music, and some bold-ass demonstrations, Brandon Kyle Goodman (Netflix’s Big Mouth) tenderly reveals the parts of our humanity we struggle to embrace.

Nova Ball

February 2025
Ars Nova’s annual bash returns this winter. Mark your calendars for the biggest fundraiser-meets-party of the year!

ANT Fest

June 2025
Our annual All New Talent Festival will once again shine a spotlight on NYC’s wildest & wackiest live performances from fresh talent taking first swings! 

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