Rise of Thunderdome

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Created & Directed by QWEEN JEAN
Dancers Ava Grey & Rohan Zhou-Lee
Poet Linda La
Trans Perspectives Gia Love, Ms Boogie, B.Hawk Snipes, Marquise Vilsón Balenciaga, Joel Rivera, Mrs. Tahtianna Fermin, Lexii Foxx, Queen Jael, Laboujienata Diallo
Editor Chidi Nobi – Nobi Films
Dark Lullaby Film Ramie Ahmed
Dark Lullaby Production Design SHADOW.x
Dark Lullaby Editing Ramie Ahmed & SHADOW.x

Production Design Rebecca Wu-Norman
Director of Photography Ramie Ahmed
Art Direction SHADOW.x
Costume Design Qween Jean
Make Up Design Jordan Shelwood
Photography Madison Swart
Ritual Artist Jade Kuriki Olivio

Curated by Vision Resident David Mendizábal

Originally Premiered February 3, 2021
Estimated Run Time: 45 minutes


QWEEN JEAN is the founder of Black Trans Liberation. She is a New York based Stage and Film Costume Designer. Qween has committed her voice to advocating for marginalized communities; specifically Black trans people. Her passion is creating access for unsung heroes and people who are often overlooked. She feels that they matter, and that their stories are valuable.

BLACK TRANS LIBERATION is a community birthed out of the Black Lives Matter Movement. They are actively dismantling the current 35 year life expectancy for Black Trans people by organizing weekly demonstrations, teaching strategies to end systemic oppression, and creating policies/legislation to protect trans workers. BTL aims to provide access and resources from community partners and ultimately offer long-term housing relief.

Black Trans Lives are beautiful.

Black Trans Lives are worthy.

Black Trans Lives are essential.