the care n keeping of u

Created & Performed by Sofia Dobrushin & Catherine Bloom
Directed by Federica Borlenghi

May 19 @ 7PM
Ars Nova | 511 W 54 St
& Streaming on Ars Nova Supra

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Sabina (Sofia Dobrushin) and Christina (Catherine Bloom), two semi-estranged half-siblings, have just received the devastating news that their father is sick with an ambiguous illness. After traveling home to care for him, both grapple with reverting to childhood behaviors while processing their own latest traumas: Sabina is polyamorous and married in Bushwick, and Christina is an RA at her all-girls college, Barn-Yard. While cleaning their father’s home and stumbling upon relics from their childhood- aka- a copy of the American Girl Doll puberty manifesto, “The Care And Keeping Of You,” they reveal to themselves and each other all the things they wish they had known about growing up.

Catherine Bloom is an actor, playwright, and comedian. She has shown original work via Second City, The Fisher Center, Williamstown Theater Festival, and more if you can believe. She is also 1/2 of the comedy duo MA’AM (The PIT, NYC SketchFest, Frigid NYC, NYC SketchFest) that will be premiering a new play “Spirit of Life” at The Brick Theater in June 2023. Website: , Instagram: @yeast_queen

Sofia Dobrushin (she/they) is an actor, director, comedian, musician, and only child which is why she does all of these things. She has acted in TV shows like Apple TV’s WeCrashed and HBO’s High Maintenance. Her theatrical work includes: On the Rocks production of Edelweiss at Ars Nova and César Alvarez’ The Elementary Space Time Show. Some of their directing work has been official selections of Brooklyn Women’s Film Festival, Austin Comedy Short Film Festival, New Filmmakers Festival, and Nobudge. To keep up with her projects and life you can find her on the app that runs our lives aka Instagram @_neonbabushka_ or her website

Federica Borlenghi (she/her/hers) is a multidisciplinary Italian artist from Milan based in Brooklyn. She is mostly known for curating highly sensorial productions. Federica focuses on stories that explore precarious intimacies, contemporary womanhood and multicultural/bilingual experiences. Selected staged directing credits include “Reminiscence” (Italytime Cultural Center commission), “The Odds” (Denver Fringe & Dixon Place), “On How To Be A Monster” (The Tank with Et Alia Theater) and “SYRMA” (Alchemical Studio). For the past few years, she has been working as Machel Ross’ Associate Director on “HOUND DOG” (Ars Nova), “A Song of Songs” (The Bushwick Starr), Ellen Winter’s Downtown Live Concert (En Garde & The Tank) and as her assistant on Annie Baker’s “The Antipodes” (Central Theater Group) & Jeremy O. Harris’ “Black Exhibition” (The Bushwick Starr). She is the Deck Manager at Company XIV and works as a freelance Creative Producer, Costumes & Props Designer. More info at