Written & Performed by Klondyke
Curated by Untitled Queen

January 26 @ 7PM
Ars Nova | 511 W 54th St
& Streaming on Ars Nova Supra

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A Scarecrow lives in a cornfield that encompasses the whole world. There is only them, their farmer, and the crows. A chamber cabaret where a year feels like a day, and in that day a Scarecrow learns what it means to live.

Featuring The Crows: Gill Hartley, Vague Static & The Band: Scout Watkins, Lavondo Thomas, Jace Ziev

Klondyke is an alien tragg*t superstar!!! Child of a black hole and a supernova, raised by a 4th dimensional rockstar. Experimental musical theatre composer and winner of Cakeboys 2021 Takes the Cake Competition they are here to terrorize norms out of existence through the great unifier: MUUUUSIIIIIC!

Untitled Queen is a Filipinx and Boriquén artist, drag queen, and writer based on the stolen land of the LenapeHoking, (so-called Brooklyn, NY). Through the interplay of drag, sculpture, drawing, and installation, she tells deeply emotional stories on a continuum in a constant flux of construction and deconstruction. In 2020, She presented Untitled (World), the first global LGBTQIA+ digital drag show, with 47 drag artists each representing 1 country, and benefitting 3 HIV/AIDS organizations in honor of World AIDS Day. She has been a fellow at the EFA Project Space Gallery Shift Residency and Urban Glass Residency in NY.