untitled Waifu play.

Written by Char Nakashima-Conway
Directed by Jonathan Chang

Saturday, June 11 @ 7PM
Ars Nova | 511 West 54th Street
& Streaming on Ars Nova Supra

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sixteen-year-old Zavier finds an online community that could quell his longing for intimacy; the platonic, the romantic, the sexual.

or not.

a play about




and the conundrum of dating yourself while hating yourself.


Jaesung Hwang (Zavier)
Miranda Kang (Keiko)
Ethan Jones (Russ)
Gianna Milici (Nebula)
Jason Wang (Owen)
Ting Ting Wang (Izanami)

Director Jonathan Chang
Playwright Char Nakashima-Conway
Stage Manager Tatiana Chew
Producer Ava Elizabeth Novak
Producer Nola Latty
Projection Designer Yash Goyal
Lighting Designer Persephone Matlazihua
Movement Coordinator Marissa Joyce Stamps
Costume Designer Sally Chen
Makeup Designer AJ Avivah
Sound Designer Ella Danyluk
Sound Designer Abri Berg
Dramaturg Jessy Dong




JONATHAN CHANG [he/him] is a first generation Taiwanese-American theater director based in NYC. As a director, he focuses on showcasing talent and work within the Asian community. He is particularly interested in coming of age stories centering queer, Gen Z, Asian-Americans. His recent fascinations have been video games and K-Pop, and using these mediums as an intersection with theater to tell stories of the Asian-American experience. His current side project involves teaching his Animal Crossing villagers the choreography to K-Pop group TWICE’s song “FANCY.” Recent works include Untitled Gamer Play, American Born Chinese, Illusory Life, and untitled Waifu play: an abridged workshop. He has been featured on the Collegiate Association for Artists of Color as well as Artists in Action. Jonathan holds a BFA in Drama from NYU Tisch. He is currently the Artistic Assistant at Second Stage Theater.

CHAR NAKASHIMA-CONWAY (she/her/hers) is a playwright, poet and performer from Oakland, California, currently based in Brooklyn. She recently performed at The Hundredth Hill Emerging Theatre Artist Residency in Bloomington, Indiana, in various new works, and in the national tour of Children’s Crusade. As a writer, Char is fascinated by internet subcultures and human connection within that context. Inspired by forum sites, role-playing games and folklore in the digital age, she strives to turn intangible spaces physical. She also strives to someday write something, anything, remotely as wonderful as the Napoleon storyline from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure!