Concept & Music by Connor Rohr Driscoll
Additional Music by Emilia Suárez, Jasjit Williams-Singh & Sam O’Byrne
Additional Text & Story by Noah Mease
Directed by Ryan Courtney

Monday, June 13 @ 7PM
Ars Nova | 511 West 54th Street
& Streaming on Ars Nova Supra

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Characters & narrative rise from a garbage heap of recycled icons and pitch-shifted glitch-pop. New lovers & lingering villains converge in the vortex of an Anything But Clothes party. A staged concept album erupts out of my bedroom floor.

Performed by Connor Rohr Driscoll, Djuna Knight, Trevor Jonathan Lown, Emilia Suárez & Jasjit Williams-Singh

Music Direction by Connor Rohr Driscoll & Jasjit Williams-Singh
Sound Design by Brendan Aanes
Set Design by Corey Umlauf
Lighting Design by Jacob Wesson
Prop & Costume Design by Noah Mease
Video Concept by Ryan Courtney





BRENDAN AANES beeps and bloops across the urban soundscape. Some of their many designs at theaters around the country have been nominated for awards, including a Drama Desk (Balls, 2018). But they still long for the forest.

RYAN COURTNEY directs and designs live events and also does other things like cooking and talking to his friends. Prior to the pandemic he had contributed work to over one hundred and fifty live performances (he stopped counting after). His work has been called “alarmingly multifarious” by the New York Times. At the time of this writing his current Wordle streak is thirty-six days, including “epoxy”. He teaches design and production at Playwrights Horizons Theater School.

CONNOR ROHR DRISCOLL Theater person / music person. 904, pc music appreciator, happy to be here. I wrote this on the floor of my room on my laptop.

DJUNA KNIGHT is a theatre maker living and working in Brooklyn. Most recently she’s worked with Clubbed Thumb, New Georges, and Brooklyn Arts Council to produce and develop new work.

TREVOR JONATHAN LOWN is an LA-based bicoastal actor and artist who is, at his core, pretty cool to hang out with. He graduated from NYU in 2019 and has recently made his peace with that. You may have seen his prior work at Dixon Place and The Matrix LA, and if you didn’t, you really missed out. He can be seen in short films such as “A Nice Jew”, and “Sammy”, as well as upcoming feature “pop pop”. Professional and romantic inquiries can be sent to @trevor.lown on instagram.

NOAH MEASE makes & gathers text & objects. alum of the Ars Nova Play Group and author of Science Park (third person), Omega Kids (New Light Theater Project), and Republic (Hoi Polloi). OBIE-awarded prop designer: 7 productions at Ars Nova, …Great Comet (Broadway, etc.), Oklahoma! (St. Ann’s), Hadestown (NYTW), John (Signature), An Octoroon (Soho Rep., TFANA), and 3 plays with The Debate Society. aspiring cartoonist.

EMILIA SUÁREZ is a performer writer creator person. As an actor, she has filmed some things this year and is currently filming more things. As a singer-songwriter, she is releasing music, which can be found most all the places your ears like to go. Endless gratitude to all the folks that make this happen. Bestie/recently official muse of Rohr Driscoll for ten years.

COREY UMLAUF is a scenic designer/miniaturist. Design work has been presented by Eugene O’Neill Theatre Center, Columbia University, JACK, Clubbed Thumb, Actors Theatre of Louisville, Emerson Stage, Vundabar. Select Associate Design: A Strange Loop (Broadway), A Case for the Existence of God (Signature), Goddess (Berkeley Repertory Theatre), To My Girls (2ST). So very excited to be here!

JACOB WESSON is a New York-based lighting designer whose work spans theatre, dance, movement, and concerts, with a focus on creating visual landscapes that provide audiences with a singular sense of place. Jacob holds a BFA in Drama from Carnegie Mellon University with a focus in Lighting Design. Jacob is also a member of the Bellwether Project, a theatre company whose mission is to create a culture of understanding and empathy for its community through personal, intersectional storytelling. In addition to his training at Carnegie Mellon, Jacob has also worked as an Electrics Intern at the Steppenwolf Theatre Company and as an Apprentice Electrician at the Santa Fe Opera.

JASJIT WILLIAMS-SINGH is a music producer and actor sometimes (depending on the day). Creative consultant, sound designer and Artistic Muse for this piece. Rohri has a huge crush on me but will never admit it. “If it ain’t clippin, it ain’t hittin.”

THE GRINCH He came the way all babies come. On calm nights, tiny who girls and little who fellas drift from the sky in their own pumbersellas. It was Christmas Eve, and a strange wind blew that night. “Sisters” Clarnella and Rose were having their annual holiday key party. It was morning before anybody realized he was out there, the poor dear. But you know what? They knew right away that he was special. Oh, he was a wonderful whatever-he-was, and they raised him like any other Who child, with a deep love of Christmas.