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Created by WeAreMarried

June 21 @ 7PM
Ars Nova | 511 W 54 St
& Streaming on Ars Nova Supra

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2 ROSSES is ten seasons of Friends meets Taskmaster meets ESPN, as only the clowns of WeAreMarried can deliver. Using a decade’s worth of elaborate Ross Geller choreography and text as our guide, we invite you into an uncanny valley that is part replica piece, part game show, and part live athletic event. Settle in for an unsettlingly familiar fever dream of masculinity, nostalgia, internalized homophobia, and self-help culture that invites us to face our own Ross-ian fears: needles, lesbian exes, and, above all, ourselves.

Featuring Jay Eisenberg, Shelby Richardson, Chelsie Newhard & Ely Kreimendahl

Ross Design by Bee Begley
Sound Design by Ben Gullard

WeAreMarried LLC (WAM) is the performance collaboration of transgender actors and longtime friends Jay Eisenberg (he/him/his) and Shelby Richardson (they/them/theirs). WAM creates and produces dynamic, original shows & events, while always remaining committed to paying trans and queer artists thriving wages. Your fun & pleasure is non-negotiable. Remember: we are here to make your life more bearable.

WAM is built on relationships. We formally launched WAM in 2021 as a public investment in our friendship, an experiment in challenging existing models of theatre-making, and a commitment to making compelling, site-responsive art that pays trans and queer artists a minimum of $35/hr. WAM is here to contribute to a healthy, vibrant, artist economy where artist-laborers can count on us for work that sustains, stimulates, and satisfies.

WAM values financial transparency, artistic innovation, and long term partnership with our guest artists (both inside and outside of their work with WAM). Our unique business model draws inspiration from unions, amusement parks, production houses, multi-platform media companies, creative agencies, and lessons from 15+ years of experience working as actors in mainstream professional theater in New York and the Twin Cities.

Past work includes HOUSEFUCKER (Spring 2022), BIGGAME (Fall 2022), INTERVIEW WITH THE CREATOR (Spring 2023), and our beloved speed-meeting game show FAST GAY DATING (recurring). Our next original clown show, RICH DOGS, premieres in Fall 2023.