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Black Lives Matter. 

Black Lives Matter.

Ars Nova recognizes that we operate within systemic racism, and that neutrality and silence only feeds it further. We are committed to the work of anti-racism and anti-oppression in our organization, in our lives and in our art. We know that we have just begun this work and that there is much yet for us to learn and to do. We hold ourselves accountable for working to dismantle the systemic racism, oppression and violence that permeates our country and our industry.

Below are just a few of the funds to which our staff have donated over the past several days. Today, we ask you to consider joining us in supporting these or others that are dedicated to social justice, if you are able:

We also continue our work by:

  • Using our platform to amplify the voices of Black, Indigenous, People of Color artists;
  • Identifying, confronting and addressing the barriers to attendance that keep BIPOC audiences mostly out of our spaces;
  • Calling on the white people within our community to acknowledge their own racism, decenter themselves, and actively engage in anti-racist practices;
  • Committing to our continued education as individuals and as an organization so that we can uproot the system of racism on which we are built.

We stand in solidarity. We hope you will join us.

The Staff & Board Leadership of Ars Nova

Ray Jordan Achan, Artistic Fellow
Chelsea Barker, House Manager
Judy Bedol, Board Secretary
Renee Blinkwolt, Managing Director
Nicole Brodeur, Board Member
Immi Chaudhry, Executive Assistant
Jack Dentinger, House Manager
Jason Eagan, Founding Artistic Director
Victor Edozien, Board Member
Rick Feldman, Board Member
Lizzy Florence, Board Member
Deeksha Gaur, Board Member
Miranda Hanson, Development Associate
Jake Haungs, Operations and Facilities Manager
Kalen Sierra Hughes, Production Apprentice
Dena Igusti, Marketing Fellow
Mac Ingram, Director of Development
Sarah Ivins, Marketing Manager
Jason Kemper, Board Treasurer
Ben Klein, Audience Engagement Associate
Dana Kirchman, Board Vice Chair
Simon Lass, Technical Director
Alisa Lessing, Board Chair
Maura Le Viness, Management Fellow
Jes Levine, Director of Production
Francis Madi Cerrada, Development Fellow
Greta Mansour, Board Member
David Miner, Board Member
Kris Pritchard, Associate Production Manager
Justin Samoy, Individual Giving and Special Events Manager
Eric Shethar, Artistic Programs Manager
Jessie Shinberg, Rentals Coordinator
Emily Shooltz, Associate Artistic Director
Tina Simpson, Management Assistant
Jenny Steingart, Founding Board Chair, Co-Founder
Tamara Vallejos, Director of Marketing and Communications
Kate Weber, Interim Business Manager
Casey York, General Manager

Updated May 31, 2020.

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