Created & Performed by YO-YO LIN 林友友
Written by YO-YO LIN 林友友 
Translated by ANNETTE AN-JEN LIU 劉安蓁
Music by DESPINA


Originally Premiered: June 7, 2021
Estimated Run Time: 25 Minutes


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Photo courtesy of Yo-Yo Lin. 
Photo description: A Taiwanese-American woman, Yo-Yo Lin 林友友, sits on a grass lawn, with a path of smooth grey stones behind her. She is wearing a black beret and a white zip-up sweater. Her hands rest on her knees. In the foreground, almost obscuring Yo-Yo, are the branches and blooms of a cherry blossom tree. 



This film contains a personal account of the artist’s experiences remembering, navigating and surviving medical interventions. 


Accessibility Information

This show includes open captions. 





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YO-YO LIN 林友友 is a Taiwanese-American, interdisciplinary media artist who explores the possibilities of self-knowledge in the context of emerging, embodied technologies. She often uses video, animation, live performance and lush sound design to create meditative ‘memoryscapes.’ Her recent body of work reveals and re-values the complex realities of living with chronic illness and intergenerational trauma. She creates openings into these realities in the form of spaces, performances or tools. Her practice often facilitates sites for community-centered abundance, developing into physical and virtual media installations, workshops, accessible nightlife parties and artist collectives. She was a 2019 Artist in Residence at Eyebeam and a 2020 Open Call Recipient for The Shed. She has shown works at international multimedia art galleries (Human Resources, Lincoln Center, La Corte Contemporanea), film festivals (New York Film Festival, SXSW), performance venues (Gibney Dance) and conferences (Allied Media Conference). She dances between New York, Los Angeles and Taipei.

ANNETTE AN-JEN LIU 劉安蓁 is a Taiwanese curator and writer. She is passionate about working with contemporary artists and is interested in forms of image-making as performance and collaboration. She is a Curatorial Assistant for the upcoming exhibition Drawn by Stones hosted by 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art in Sydney, Australia, and a Curator for Clairvoyant Reflections at PhotoAccess in Canberra, Australia. She worked at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City as a Curatorial and Research Intern on the Wolfgang Tillmans retrospective scheduled for 2022. Her writings have been published in Art Monthly Australasia, Magnum Photos, Musée Magazine and The Alcalde. She is based between New York, Sydney and Taipei. 

DESPINA is the pseudonym of New York-based producer, composer, and DJ Mica Matchen (they/them). Their debut release Polychronia, a split EP with Ma Sha Ru, was released on Kindergarten Records in June 2020, followed by their full EP Data Soft, released on Kindergarten Records in February 2021. Despina’s work explores the dichotomies and contradictions inherent in sound and life: rhythm and texture, male and female, hedonism and mindfulness. As fierce as Mica is with their sounds, they are just as fierce about their politics, seeking to imbue their work with revolutionary passion, socialist ideals, and an ear to the future. 


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