ANT Fest is our annual festival of All New Talent showcasing new work from New York’s most adventurous emerging artists. Every summer, Ars Nova throws open our doors to the next wave of pioneering theater, comedy, music and hybrid theater-makers who fill our stage with their most dynamic ideas.

June 10 @ 7PM

Gemma Soldati

June 12 @ 7PM

Elijah Guo & Dylin Taylor

June 14 @ 7PM

Franco Giacomarra, Matt Coakley, Marc David Wright

June 15 @ 7PM

Kate Eberstadt

June 17 @ 7PM

American Sing-Song: Jake Brasch, Nadja Leonhard-Hooper

June 18 @ 7PM

Brett Ashley Robinson

June 20 @ 9:30PM

Hosted by Chloe Troast

June 21 @ 7PM

Justine Gelfman, Joan Sergay

June 22 @ 7PM

Allisha Edwards, Fernanda Brigneti

June 25 @ 7PM

Madison Fiedler, Francesca Sabel

Wish you'd seen last year's ANT Fest shows? You're in luck! Catch them all now on Ars Nova Supra!

How our application process works:

Ars Nova typically receives around 250 ANT Fest submissions each year. Every application submitted to ANT Fest will be reviewed separately by three members of Ars Nova’s artist community. Applications that are moved to the second round are read by three members of our six member ANT Fest Review panel, made up of Ars Nova Artistic Staff and select Resident Artists. This same panel reviews all finalist applications and ultimately curates the festival.

Applications for ANT Fest 2024 are now closed – thank you to all who applied! If you have any questions about ANT Fest or the application process they can be directed to artistic@arsnovanyc.com


Brittany K Allen, Joe Castle Baker, Chamber Band, The Bearded Ladies Cabaret, Cheo Bourne & Joél Pérez, Eamon Boylan, Michael Breslin & Patrick Foley, Catherine Brookman, Shayok Misha Chowdhury, Church of the Millennials, nicHi douglas, Julia Sirna Frest, Deepali Gupta, Ryan J. Haddad, Emily Gardner Hall, Jeremy O. Harris, Hit the Lights! Theater Company, raja feather kelly, Claire Kiechel, Seonjae Kim, Jo Lampert, No Face Performance Group, Emily Oliveira, Mo Fry Pasic & Tim Platt, Brian Quijada, Lorelei Ramirez, Michelle Rodriguez, Matt Rogers & Bowen Yang, Charly Evon Simpson, Peter Smith, Kate Tarker, Chris Tyler, Jillian Walker, Nate Weida, Whitney White, Dustin Wills, Ellen Winter and more!