Ars Nova invites one electric young company to make Ars Nova their home base as they develop collaboratively created work. The Company-in-Residence receives a commission to create a new piece as well as flexible, unwavering support until their work is completed including: office and rehearsal space, workshops and readings, dramaturgical support, retreats, professional consultation and more.


Co-Artistic Directors: Marc Bovino & Joe Curnutte, Lila Neugebauer, Stephanie Wright Thompson
Company Members: Michael Dalto, Ásta Bennie Hostetter, Mike Inwood, Laura Jellinek, Sarah Lunnie, Stowe Nelson



THE MAD ONES (Company-in-Residence) are a New York City-based company dedicated to creating visceral, ensemble-driven, highly detailed theatrical experiences that examine and illuminate American nostalgia. They devise plays through the ongoing collaboration of performers/writers, designers, and director, with each artist playing an essential role in a piece’s creation from the inception. Their productions appropriate popular American genres, playfully re-imagine world history, and incorporate live music in service of a delicately woven, wholly articulated, character-driven universe. The Mad Ones are comprised of co-Artistic Directors Marc Bovino, Joe Curnutte, Lila Neugebauer and Stephanie Wright Thompson; Company Members Michael Dalto, Ásta Bennie Hostetter, Mike Inwood, Laura Jellinek, Sarah Lunnie and Stowe Nelson.