Heart Mind Energy

Created & Performed by Sabrina Wang

Friday, May 20 @ 7PM ET
Ars Nova | 511 W 54th Street
& Streaming on Ars Nova Supra

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After being named after 2 white women, growing up in a cultural wasteland (the upper east side), and earning an English Lit degree from a PWI, Sabrina Wang doesn’t really know who she is outside of a white gaze. Following the insight of her therapist that “genuine” is when your “heart,” “mind,” and “energy” align, “Sabrina” does 3 different stand-up sets modeled after each element to find something that feels true and real. Come watch Sabrina try to joke her way out of existential imposter syndrome.




SABRINA WANG is a NYC based stand-up and comedy writer. Sabrina likes using comedy to discuss the experiences of being Asian American and having lost a parent. In her college senior thesis, Good Luck, Sabrina performed stand-up about her mother’s immigration process, life in America and pasing. When Sabrina’s not doing comedy, she’s living out her childhood dream of having a pet.