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Our key audience safety protocols are outlined below to help you plan ahead for your visit. We will continue to follow the latest advisories from our health and government officials, and these policies are subject to change as circumstances evolve and/or with their guidance. The most up-to-date information will always be found here and ticket holders will be proactively notified of any policy changes for the shows they are attending. Please reach out to with any specific questions you might have.

We recognize that mask mandates are being eased in many public spaces as more tools for individuals to protect themselves depending on their own risk- and comfort-levels (including vaccinations, antiviral medication, and high-quality filtration masks) are now widely available. In accordance with the most recent CDC guidance, we highly encourage mask-wearing to protect yourself and others at our performances.

We strongly encourage all audience members to get vaccinated and boosted in accordance with public health guidelines. As public health experts and officials have long-stated, this is our best protection against severe illness and hospitalization from Covid-19. With 89% of the adults in our community fully vaccinated—as well as continued evidence that vaccination is not a major determinant of the spread of Covid-19—we will no longer require proof of vaccination before entering the theater.

Yes! All of our Spring shows will be live streamed on Ars Nova Supra, our streaming platform. For only $15 a month, you can watch every show in our spring lineup live and on-demand and gain unlimited access to our digital library of past performances.  Learn more about Ars Nova Supra by clicking here.

The HVAC system at Ars Nova has been upgraded to the highest compatible MERV filters with added air scrubbers; additionally HEPA-filter air purifiers are used throughout high-traffic areas of the building. Our public spaces are cleaned before each show, and high-touch areas of the lobby, bathrooms and theater are disinfected again before each performance.

Stay home if you aren’t feeling well! If you cannot attend the show due to illness, email with your full name and the performance date and we’ll work to get you access to the show on Supra.


Reach out to us at and we’ll help you out.