ANT Fest is two non-stop, throw-down weeks of entertainment mayhem, featuring fresh material from the next wave of dynamic, indie-theater makers. All New Talent, all the time.



pov: u run joe biden’s tiktok

Monday, June 14 @ 7PM ET | Tix $10
Estimated Run Time: 60 Minutes

Written by May Treuhaft-Ali & Nicholas Polonio
Directed by Nicholas Polonio

Follow four Gen Z influencers hired by the Biden campaign to create content for his official TikTok account. With the soul of the country at stake, generations collide and messages blur as they give it their all to win the 2020 election the best way they know how — virally.


Paletas de Coco

Tuesday, June 15 @ 7PM ET | Tix $10
Estimated Run Time: 60 Minutes

Created & Performed by Franky D. Gonzalez
Directed by Jeff Liu

Four Christmas Eves, three generations and one man’s reckoning with forgiveness. Paletas de Coco explores the meaning of fatherhood in all of its complexities, through its many ups and downs, with coconut popsicles, Santería, buffet robbing, childbirth and so much else in between.



Wednesday, June 16 @ 7PM ET | Tix $10
Estimated Run Time: 10 Minutes

Written by & Starring Queen Tiye-Akamefula
Directed & Produced by Caroline Flynn

NIGHTSWIMMING is an experimental short film that explores a young woman’s fantasy world slowly crumbling around her as different versions of herself start to question the validity of their existence. It’s about insomnia, escaping your reality, and losing yourself to yourself.


Your Changing Body

Thursday, June 17 @ 7PM ET | Tix $10
Estimated Run Time: 15 Minutes

Written by Ana Verde
Directed by Ana Verde & James Wyrwicz

In 2005, Ana Verde’s mom told her about her period via a PowerPoint presentation, and now, she’ll regale you with that same gift. Part biology lesson, part ode to growing up in the 2000s, Your Changing Body is a short non-fiction film about exorcising shame and (still) trying to come to terms with the fact that one’s body is always changing.


he rip his shirt off completely

Friday, June 18 @ 7PM ET | Tix $10
Estimated Run Time: 55 Minutes

Created & Performed by Collin Kelly

In this outlandish rumination on YouTubers and the culture that makes them, Collin Kelly performs an evening of stories, dance, and critique. A nonsensical yoga teacher; an earnest artist; a self-righteous multi-level marketer; and an overblown philosopher are applauded and lambasted in this unabashed celebration of humanity. 



Saturday, June 19 @ 7PM ET | Tix $10
Estimated Run Time: 25 Minutes

Created, Directed & Performed by Paul Lofferon, Sam Rayner, Emily Wheatman & Olivia Zerphy

Award-winning international physical theater company Voloz Collective brings you AMERICA, weaving juggling and object theater with magical realism in a fantastical physical comedy. Based on the 2019 theft of Maurizio Cattelan’s golden toilet (titled “America”) from Britain’s Blenheim Palace, this eccentric devised work probes the boundary between theater and cinema to imagine who could have stolen the lavish lavatory and why.


“my dick is david duke” or The Sad Fat Negress Can’t Get a Date

Monday, June 21 @ 7PM ET | Tix $10
Estimated Run Time: 60 Minutes

Created & Performed by Amara Janae Brady
Directed by Caitlyn Johnson

Why the f*ck are you so ashamed to love Black women — especially the fat ones? While we know the systemic culprits are anti-Blackness and fatphobia, this irreverent variety show offers an opportunity to skewer these ‘norms’ while centering fat Black women in all of their splendor, love and humanity.



Tuesday, June 22 @ 7PM ET | Tix $10
Estimated Run Time: 40 Minutes

Created by Nora Sørena Casey & Nana Dakin

You say you’re sorry, but what good is that? What do we do with an apology — or without it? Some options include: dance, scream, fight, write a letter, pass a bill, build a sculpture, make a wish and eat an egg. Join us on a kaleidoscopic blend of dance, visual art, memoir, critical theory and more as we explore (and attempt to get to the bottom of) what it truly means to apologize.


Bread Crumbs

Wednesday, June 23 @ 7PM ET | Tix $10
Estimated Run Time: 60 Minutes

Written & Performed by Jasmine Joshua
Directed by Eddie DeHais

What even IS nonbinary anyway? A computer program? A tropical drink? A word that caused you to have an existential crisis when you finally realized: oh my god, I think I might be one of those, but I’m married and have two kids already and what am I supposed to do now? I have SO many bras! Join drag artist Harvey Gent (Jasmine Joshua) in a hilarious and wholly autobiographical queer spectacle, featuring pregnancy, trekking across tidepools in your underwear and peeing one’s pants in front of Very Important People.


Meebula: A Drag and Sonic Memoir

Thursday, June 24 @ 7PM ET | Tix $10
Estimated Run Time: 30 Minutes

Created & Performed by Untitled Queen & Jess Ramsay

Sound artist/DJ Jess Ramsay and drag artist Untitled Queen premiere their new concept art album Meebula: A Drag and Sonic Memoir. Through an immersive video art performance album combining original poetry, sound, captioning, alt text, song, video and drag, they spin a yarn as if atop a Brooklyn roof at dawn to honor 13 years of friendship. Part travelogue and part love letter, Meebula invites us to revel in all of the glory and magic that can be found in queer platonic friendship.


my mouth is a queer time machine

Friday, June 25 @ 7PM ET | Tix $10
Estimated Run Time: 30 Minutes

Created by Lyam B. Gabel & Evan Spigelman
Directed by Lyam B. Gabel

A celebration of trans* histories and futures. Featuring audio from interviews with trans* and gender-nonconforming individuals, performers will trace forward in time through movement and lipsync to chart the dynamic and fluid history of queerness. At the intersection of what has been and what can be, of the present and the past and everything in between, my mouth is a queer time machine writes and stretches through the past to imagine and reach for the future.


A Boy’s Room

Saturday, June 26 @ 7PM ET | Tix $10
Estimated Run Time: 50 Minutes

Created & Performed by Roderick Woodruff
Directed by Brandi Nicole McLeain
Choreographed by Kadijah Raquel

Young Ricky gives the divas a run for their money and turns the performance of a lifetime in this glittery pop concert for the ages — fighting inner demons and generational trauma on the way — all within the four walls of his bedroom. It’s Black AF, it’s Queer AF and, crucially, it’s Beyoncé AF.


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ANT Fest is our annual festival of All New Talent showcasing new work from New York’s most adventurous emerging artists. Every June, Ars Nova throws open our doors to the next wave of pioneering theater, comedy, music and hybrid theater-makers who fill our stage with their most dynamic ideas.

The submission period for ANT Fest begins in mid-December and artists chosen for the festival are notified by the end of March.

We’re on the prowl for artists with diverse viewpoints and impressive skills, who see the future of live entertainment and want the chance to try out their ideas on stage. As an artist-driven festival, ANT Fest brings together an eclectic network of creators who feed our artistic community all year long. We’re interested in unique, innovative projects that span traditional genre boxes (theater, comedy, music, burlesque, drag, variety arts or anything else you can think of) in an exciting way to tell a story, make us laugh or showcase musicians with a vibrant new sound. This is the place for artists to pitch that crazy show they’ve been dying for an excuse to make!

Applications require a short description of your evening, an artist statement that describes what makes your key creator(s) tick and why you want to make this show, samples of your key creator(s) work and bios or resumes for key creator(s). In a typical (non-pandemic) year, a range of approximately 25-30 unique submissions will each be given a night to perform in Ars Nova’s intimate Off-Broadway theater and the opportunity to be a part of artist-driven events throughout the festival. Questions about applications can be directed to



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