Tiresias Presents HYPERFANTASIA

Music, Text, Video & Performance by Evan Silver aka Tiresias

Wednesday, June 15 @ 7PM
Ars Nova | 511 West 54th Street
& Streaming on Ars Nova Supra

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HYPERFANTASIA is a sci-fi fantasy drag cabaret about the proliferation of matter in the universe and life on planet Earth. Featuring original music and projections, this miniature epic draws on new evolutionary theories and ancient queer wisdom to dismantle the survival-of-the-fittest paradigm toward an ethic of abundance and extravagance. Hosted by Tiresias, the blind prophet of the Underworld, HYPERFANTASIA includes a reenactment of the Big Bang as a celestial orgasm, a heartfelt ode to our prehistoric unicellular bacterial ancestors, and a dance choreographed using movements of birds-of-paradise during mating rituals.

Music, Text, Video & Performance by Evan Silver aka Tiresias




EVAN SILVER AKA TIRESIAS is a hybrid writer, director, composer, and performer staging encounters across theatre, music, video, and the literary arts. Raised in the vibrant city of Chicago by a banjo-playing printmaker and an architect, they developed a passion for multimedia storytelling from an early age. Evan gravitates toward stories of journey and transformation, drawing on ancient and contemporary myths, tales, tropes and archetypes to fabulate new ways of being and becoming in the world. They are fascinated by birds, gods, strangers, and the living universe, and have written and directed fifteen original theatre productions on three continents. Evan is a Luce, Marshall, and Fulbright Scholar.