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Created & Performed by Soojeong Son
Devised with Tallie Medel
Directed by Joanna Simmons

June 22 @ 7PM
Ars Nova | 511 W 54 St
& Streaming on Ars Nova Supra

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Soojeong, the perfectionist clown tries really hard at everything she does. Then one day some sex stuff happens and life gets confusing. But have no fear! Soojeong’s joyful exploration asks the complex question: why is cum?

Soojeong is a creator, writer, and actress. She was a writer for the upcoming Netflix comedy series, THE BROTHERS SUN starring Michelle Yeoh. You can see her in the film A GOOD PERSON opposite Florence Pugh, and has recurred on Netflix’s KALEIDOSCOPE, Apple TV’s SERVANT, and HBO Max SEARCH PARTY. Soojeong has created acclaimed sketch series including UR ASIAN FRIEND, F*CKING JAPANESE, GHOST (JFL Official Selection) and SOOJUNG DREAMS OF FIJI (Amazon) which won the Audience Award at the Asian American International Film Festival and her dad really liked it. She is the co-host of EMOTIONAL SLUT, a comedy podcast about being emotional, slutty, and Asian.

Joanna Simmons is a writer/director living in New York City. Previous work at Zara Nova includes Creation Nation, Varsity Interpretive Dance Squah- Faster Than the Speed of Night, and many appearances with VIDS at Showgasm. Recent work in NYC- wrote and directed two plays in 2022- OutofTouch @ The Tank and SpaceLoveContinuum @Caveat. She has directed over 25 solo shows, countless comedy shows, and taught classes on solo show creation and creative writing. A self-proclaimed, “Story Midwife”, She’d love to help you get your next show out of your head! Find me on Instagram – joannaksimmons