June 11 @ 7PM ET | Tix $10
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Estimated Run Time: 30 Minutes


Created & Performed by Vision Resident JJJJJEROME ELLIS


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Photo by Marc J. Franklin


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This show includes open captions and is ASL Interpreted





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JJJJJEROME ELLIS is a blk disabled animal, stutterer and artist. Through music, literature, performance and video, he explores intersections between blkness, stuttering and divinity. Prayer, water, collage silence. He researches, rehearses and reimagines the clinical, musical, poetic, political, racial and spiritual dimensions of stuttering. His work proposes that blkness and stuttering are technologies of refusal, possibility and reparation. His diverse body of work includes: contemplative soundscapes using saxophone, flute, dulcimer, electronics and vocals; scores for plays and podcasts; albums combining spoken word with ambient and jazz textures; theatrical explorations involving live music and storytelling; and music-video-poems that seek to transfigure historical archives.


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Designed to create more equitable and power-sharing curatorial practices, Ars Nova’s new Vision Residency invites seven artist-curators to create, develop and present their own work and work by artists they are inspired by or wish to amplify. WE STILL HERE is curated by Vision Resident JJJJJerome Ellis. Learn more about JJJJJerome and his vision HERE. LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR PROGRAMS.