Chelsea Barker
Audience Inclusion Coordinator

Renee Blinkwolt
Producing Executive Director

Immi Chaudhry
Executive Assistant

Anthony Colón
Audience Engagement Manager

Jack Dentinger
House Manager

Jason Eagan
Founding Artistic Director

Mike Eng
House Manager

Danika Fernandez
Arts Management
& Fundraising Fellow

Diego Alejandro González
Marketing Associate

Miranda Hanson
Institutional Giving Manager

Felix Hernandez
Operations & Facilities Assistant

Maya Ilagan
Marketing Fellow

Mac Ingram
Associate Executive Director

Simon Lass
Technical Director 

Jes Levine
Director of Production
& Facilities

Gale Linares
House Manager

Fernando Masterson
Marketing Director

Ryan James Monroe
Facilities Manager

Al Parker
House Manager

Kris Pritchard
Production Manager 

Taylor Rey
House Manager

Justin Samoy
Individual Giving
& Special Events Manager

Eric Shethar
Head of Artistic Programs

Emily Shooltz
Associate Artistic Director 

Tina Simpson
House Manager

Kai Tu
Management Assistant 

Kate Weber
Interim Business Manager

Casey York
Managing Officer