A synth-pop send-up of techno-utopianism and startup bros. This byte of multimedia music-theater skewers and scrutinizes the inequalities and myopia of the tech world.

Real-life Ghanaian princess, activist and prophetess Laura Adorka Kofi started a movement that spawned a revolution. Get lost in this grand musical ceremony, led by a descendant of that revolution, to lift up and celebrate Mother Kofi’s legacy.

Two actors break down and refashion an old melodrama over and over again until it, and they, are unrecognizable. Time falls away and gender slips as this knockabout comedy assembles itself into an expressionistic nesting doll of queer storytelling.

A celebration of dreams. A reclamation of space. Through five movements of music, ritual and dance, Black people take ownership of what may not traditionally have been theirs and build an Afro-future of radical liberation and actualization.

Queen Victoria. Lady Gaga. A confused panda in a club. Traversing both timelines and time zones, this autobiographical X-Ray of race, assault and imperialism mines both horrors and humor when the personal meets the global.

This show is part of the ANT Fest Lounge Series, which features ANT Fest Alums in concert! Reminiscent of a folksy Tina Turner or an indie Selena, Michelle J. Rodriguez invites some great friends (with even greater looks) to stir hearts and spirits in this energetic crop-top themed musical cabaret.

In the not-so-distant future, after decades of natural decline, we can still count on one splashy spectacle of glamour: Dr. Rees Ziti’s Pageant for a Better Future. Beauty contestants compete to determine who deserves to carry us forward in this zany variety-show-meets-harrowing-government-propaganda-machine. Sound familiar?

Becky goes to every march and uses all the hashtags — but is it enough? In this comedic one-hander, an outspoken talk show host embodies every well-meaning white feminist just trying to do her best, to brutal effect. #metoo #youtoo #mefirst

A decolonized, queer dreamscape made up of poems and movement; a cross-country astral trip through small-town gay bars and newsrooms; a series of guided meditations on hustling, schlock and the breaking points of reality.

Two Latinx sisters seize an opportunity to capitalize on their “changing neighborhood” by appearing on an HGTV-style reality show, unprepared for the show’s surreal left-turn through ancestry, capitalism and identity. What is the cost of progress in America? And is cashing in always selling out?

This show is part of the ANT Fest Lounge Series, which features ANT Fest Alums in concert! A cabaret retrospective of a tortured genius who destroyed herself for her art, performed by the artist herself. DEEPALI GUPTA is just dying to sing for you.

Is it a wagging dog? Or a finger? Or something… else? This outlandish historical fiction turned electro-pop-opera leaps down a dizzying rabbit hole of masculinity and spiritual awakening and traces the bizarre journey of a mysterious male bonding ritual that plunged America into a frenzy of chaos and decadence. Find out what wagging is all about.

Broadway sweetheart NATALIE WALKER guest hosts our untamed monthly variety-show-meets-party, introducing us to her who’s-who of the weird and wonderful — from comedy to burlesque and everything (and anything) in between.

Queering the cinematic tropes of the American Western, this kinetic ride through the Cowboy myth combines choreography and live video into one fluid, hilarious and heartfelt evening. You’ve never seen the west this wild.

A queer scavenging of Chekhov’s classic like you’ve never seen, diving right into the trenches of trans fetishization, the male gaze and queer body politics. Can “inclusivity” tip over into objectification? Will Yelena ever be more than just a body? It’s so hard being pretty.

A train derails in the foggy mountains of Wyoming and its passengers wait in the desolate train station, hoping to be rescued. But Willa has gone missing in the night. A folk-rock campfire story about love, uncertainty and the things we can only find in the dark of night.

Inspired by a certain pop star’s legendary/unhinged press tour, ZACH ZIMMERMAN hosts an evening of comedy, magic, drag and games for his own room of 100 people, imploring each to look around and discover: who believes in you?

This show is part of the ANT Fest Lounge Series, which features ANT Fest Alums in concert! Wigs. Lip quivers. Sweat. Go beyond the illusion with JILLIAN WALKER to remember Whitney Houston as she may (or may not) have wanted.

Annie heads up to the moon and senses a problem with her spaceship; Laura awakens in the night and knows something is wrong with her own body. Through swirling synths and hypnotic melodies, this pop-rock dream follows both women as they stare down the necessity of healing and wonder how to even begin.

After realizing she spent three years on Tinder swiping right on exclusively white men, a young Singaporean woman found herself plagued with one simple question: Why??? In this auto-fictional stand-up drama, YY takes us through her investigative journey through white worship and postcolonial baggage, attempting to uncover how we can work through our own problematic desires.

A resilient speaker dies in a catastrophic tsunami over and over. This bracing and meditative epic turns the finality of death prismatic, and eventually choral. Cathartic redemption, on repeat.

When word spread that American icon Walt Whitman had fallen ill, The New York Times dispatched a reporter to keep a bedside vigil. Discover what he found in this pop-folk fantasia on sex, death and a queer life lived fully.

The world is ending and you’re invited to the last sh*tshow EVER. It’s an indie-pop rager celebrating the delights and deceptions of existing, and it’s the last one we’ve got. Why not go out with a bang?

This show is part of the ANT Fest Lounge Series, which features ANT Fest Alums in concert! Join composers STARR BUSBY and JEROME ELLIS as they share their soulful and stirring take on gospel music and psalms.

Late one night, a guy told Dylan he wanted to disappear; the very next day he did. In this not-quite-podcast but Definitely True Crime, Dylan leads us through his obsessive (and obsessively gay) deep dive for truth. Honestly, Sarah Koenig could never.

For one night only, frenetic, leather-clad glam-rockers THE NEON COVEN will summon the most insane singers they know to scream their faces off in an explosive and cathartic blaze of glittery glory.

Elaborate slapstick meets psycho-thriller in this dizzying array of vignettes showcasing the most romantic, obsessive and eccentric duos you never knew you wanted, and definitely didn’t know you needed.

Comedy & culture maven BOWEN YANG guest hosts our untamed monthly variety-show-meets-party, introducing us to his who’s-who of the weird and wonderful — from comedy to burlesque and everything (and anything) in between.