ANT Fest is our annual, month-long festival of All New Talent showcasing new work from New York’s most adventurous emerging artists. Every June, Ars Nova throws open our doors to the next wave of pioneering theater, comedy, music and hybrid theater-makers who fill our stage with their most dynamic ideas.


The 2019 Line-up is HERE! Check it out at ARSNOVANYC.COM/ANTFEST.


We’re on the prowl for artists with diverse viewpoints and impressive skills, who see the future of live entertainment and want the chance to try out their ideas on stage. As an artist-driven festival, ANT Fest brings together an eclectic network of creators who feed our artistic community all year long. We’re interested in unique, innovative projects that span traditional genre boxes (theater, comedy, music, burlesque, drag, variety arts or anything else you can think of) in an exciting way to tell a story, make us laugh or showcase musicians with a vibrant new sound. This is the place to pitch that crazy show you’ve been dying for an excuse to make!

The submission period for our ANT Fest begins in mid-December and artists chosen for the festival will be notified by the end of March. Applications require a short description of your evening, an artist statement that describes what makes your key creator(s) tick and why you want to make this show, samples of your key creator(s) work and bios or resumes for key creator(s). A range of approximately 25-30 unique submissions will each be given a night to perform in Ars Nova’s intimate Off-Broadway theater and the opportunity to be a part of artist-driven events throughout the festival. Questions about applications can be directed to

To check out last year’s lineup, click here.