This year, there’s a whole lot to be proud of. We’re celebrating LGBTQIA+ Pride Month with a curated list of Ars Nova Supra shows with queer lead creatives. These shows run the gamut from high camp to high concept and offer a perfect slice of our artistic programs, including the Vision Residency, ANT Fest and CAMP Bonfire Series. We’re here, it’s queer–so get to streaming!


Ars Nova’s newest venue is worldwide! In the 2020/21 season, you’ll find most of our shows on Ars Nova Supra, our brand-new streaming platform. Tune in weekly for premieres created specifically for streaming, available live and on-demand with a $15/month, cancel-anytime subscription. Commitment-phobic? Single tix are just $5-$10.



June 2 @ 7PM ET
Estimated Run Time: 60 Minutes


Perspective is an ongoing sound, video and research project with disabled interviewees exploring access, care, interdependence and more through audio interviews, open captioning and musical underscoring. Join creator Molly Joyce, curator Sandy Guttman, and participants Robin Lynne Marquis, David Furukawa and JJJJJerome Ellis as they share excerpts of the larger work, and offer insight into the creative process.


June 7 @ 7PM ET
Estimated Run Time: 25 Minutes

Created & Performed by YO-YO LIN 林友友
Written By YO-YO LIN 林友友 & ANNETTE AN-JEN LIU 劉安蓁
Curated by Vision Resident JJJJJEROME ELLIS

Re:collections is a performance film remembering lost language in the body, across land and in alternate universes. Following a recent return to the artist’s motherland in Taiwan during the pandemic, the performance is a first-person account of returning to a site of medical and familial trauma years later. Moving through the artist’s intimate thoughts, the film explores the fallibility of time and ambiguousness of placehood in an ever-shifting disabled, immigrant body. Melding together new media performance and frameworks of traditional Chinese medicine, Taoist cosmology and quantum physics, the film interweaves the mundane with the magical, offering openings for grief, wonder and radical multiplicity.

Masque On

June 9 @ 7PM ET
Estimated Run Time: 30 Minutes

Created, Written, Directed & Performed by JOSELIA REBEKAH HUGHES
Musical Direction & Scoring AKEEMA-ZANE
Curated by Vision Resident JJJJJEROME ELLIS

Drawing inspiration from TV shows like Wonder Showzen and Sesame Street, influencer apology videos, viral tweets, shadow puppetry, memes and medical infomercials, Masque On channels them all to create an in-valid perspective of what it means to be disabled, online and laughing. Drawing on the principles of Black radical traditions and disability justice, this joyful series of comedic shorts explores all the things we hide in “ability”.


June 11 @ 7PM ET
Estimated Run Time: 30 Minutes

Created & Performed by Vision Resident JJJJJEROME ELLIS

In WE STILL HERE, JJJJJerome Ellis reads new writing and accompanies himself with new music. In the writing, he continues to explore intersections between blackness, disabled speech, divinity and time. 


Wednesday, June 16 @ 7PM ET
Estimated Run Time: 15 Minutes

Written & Performed by Queen Tiye-Akamefula
Directed & Produced by Caroline Flynn

NIGHTSWIMMING is an experimental short film that explores a young woman’s fantasy world slowly crumbling around her as different versions of herself start to question the validity of their existence. It’s about insomnia, escaping your reality, and losing yourself to yourself.

he rip his shirt off completely

Friday, June 18 @ 7PM ET
Estimated Run Time: 55 Minutes

Created & Performed by Collin Kelly

In this outlandish rumination on YouTubers and the culture that makes them, Collin Kelly performs an evening of stories, dance, and critique. A nonsensical yoga teacher; an earnest artist; a self-righteous multi-level marketer; and an overblown philosopher are applauded and lambasted in this unabashed celebration of humanity.

“my dick is david duke” or The Sad Fat Negress Can’t Get a Date

Monday, June 21 @ 7PM ET
Estimated Run Time: 45 Minutes

Created & Performed by Amara Janae Brady
Directed by Caitlyn Johnson

Why the f*ck are you so ashamed to love Black women — especially the fat ones? While we know the systemic culprits are anti-Blackness and fatphobia, this irreverent variety show offers an opportunity to skewer these ‘norms’ while centering fat Black women in all of their splendor, love and humanity.

Bread Crumbs

Wednesday, June 23 @ 7PM ET
Estimated Run Time: 60 Minutes

Written & Performed by Jasmine Joshua
Directed by Eddie DeHais

What even IS nonbinary anyway? A computer program? A tropical drink? A word that caused you to have an existential crisis when you finally realized: oh my god, I think I might be one of those, but I’m married and have two kids already and what am I supposed to do now? I have SO many bras! Join drag artist Harvey Gent (Jasmine Joshua) in a hilarious and wholly autobiographical queer spectacle, featuring pregnancy, trekking across tidepools in your underwear and peeing one’s pants in front of Very Important People.

Meebula: A Drag and Sonic Memoir

Thursday, June 24 @ 7PM ET
Estimated Run Time: 60 Minutes

Created & Performed by Untitled Queen & Jess Ramsay

Sound artist/DJ Jess Ramsay and drag artist Untitled Queen premiere their new concept art album Meebula: A Drag and Sonic Memoir. Through an immersive video art performance album combining original poetry, sound, captioning, alt text, song, video and drag, they spin a yarn as if atop a Brooklyn roof at dawn to honor 13 years of friendship. Part travelogue and part love letter, Meebula invites us to revel in all of the glory and magic that can be found in queer platonic friendship.

my mouth is a queer time machine

Friday, June 25 @ 7PM ET
Estimated Run Time: 30 Minutes

Created by Lyam B. Gabel & Evan Spigelman
Directed by Lyam B. Gabel

A celebration of trans* histories and futures. Featuring audio from interviews with trans* and gender-nonconforming individuals, performers will trace forward in time through movement and lipsync to chart the dynamic and fluid history of queerness. At the intersection of what has been and what can be, of the present and the past and everything in between, my mouth is a queer time machine writes and stretches through the past to imagine and reach for the future.

A Boy’s Room

Saturday, June 26 @ 7PM ET
Estimated Run Time: 50 Minutes

Created & Performed by Roderick Woodruff
Directed by Brandi Nicole McLeain
Choreographed by Kadijah Raquel

Young Ricky gives the divas a run for their money and turns the performance of a lifetime in this glittery pop concert for the ages — fighting inner demons and generational trauma on the way — all within the four walls of his bedroom. It’s Black AF, it’s Queer AF and, crucially, it’s Beyoncé AF.

Playing With Myself

Monday, June 28 @ 7PM ET
Estimated Run Time: 60 Minutes

Created & Performed by JOEL PEREZ

Step into the mind of Joel Perez as he loops his way through songs and stories about growing up as a queer Puerto Rican ex-Pentecostal. Watch as he humorously inspects the many dumb layers of the human experience. Part cabaret, part stand-up, part storytelling, fully STUPID.

Ugh, I’m Going Viral (Again!):
Presented by Viacom Media, JP Morgan Chase, and RYAN MURPHY!

Monday, June 28 @ 9PM ET
Estimated Run Time: 40 Minutes

Created & Performed by GUS LAUGHLIN

In a vibrant collage of viral online videos — #femmeboy TikToks, tearful coming out YouTube videos, targeted gay Instagram Ads and more! — this “Gen Z fever dream” dives DEEP into how queer people perform their identities online and how digital media sells queerness. We’re finally asking the question: is the Charmin Bear gay? (Answer: Probably, girl!)


Tuesday, June 29 @ 9PM ET
Estimated Run Time: 45 Minutes

Created & Performed CHRISTIAN LUU (They/She)

Christian Luu is TRANS MOSES! You’re invited to this comedic sketch exploration into the perspective of living while trans. And Asian. And fat. And having a lot of inherent star quality, if we’re being honest here.

Kuhoo’s Cloud

Wednesday, June 30 @ 9PM ET
Estimated Run Time: 40 Minutes

Created, Directed & Performed by KUHOO VERMA

We stumble into Kuhoo’s computer storage and get a peek into self-tapes, self-reflection and self-preservation.

Madre Mía // Minha Mãe

Thursday, July 1 @ 7PM ET
Estimated Run Time: 55 Minutes


Three Latinx prepubescents sit in a waiting room and need to kill time while their moms are in another cult meeting — thank God they have television! Channel surf away from reality in this earnest, televisual fantasia.

How Does That Make You Feel

Thursday, July 1 @ 9PM ET
Estimated Run Time: 45 Minutes

Written & Performed by ELY KREIMENDAHL

In this darkly comic and irreverently silly solo show, Ely Kreimendahl explores the intersection of queer motherhood, pregnancy, sobriety, identity and navigating being both a comedian and a psychotherapist. With storytelling, stand up, sketches and songs, the question remains: how does that make you feel?