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About Ars Nova Supra

Ars Nova’s newest venue is worldwide! In the 2020/21 season, you’ll find most of our shows on Ars Nova Supra, our brand-new streaming platform. Tune in weekly for premieres created specifically for streaming, available live and on-demand with a $15/month, cancel-anytime subscription. Commitment-phobic? Single tix are just $5-$10.

Why Go Digital? 

Let’s be real: there’s no future for the performing arts that doesn’t embrace digital mediums in addition to in-person events. That was true even before COVID-19! We’ve been cookin’ up Ars Nova Supra for a while now, with the goal of creating a worldwide platform that could increase access for and to New York City’s most exciting emerging artists. And we were planning on launching next year…but, then, 2020 happened. So we’ve very eagerly accelerated our launch to ensure that we keep artists working and keep audiences entertained, all from the safety of your homes.