A Blue Moon Study by O-die



October 31 @ 7PM EDT | Tix $10

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Estimated Run Time: 45 minutes


Created by LIM





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This show premieres promptly at 7 PM — so if you want to experience it with our audiences who will be live-chatting, you’ll want to tune in on time. But we understand that life happens, and you might also be located in a different time zone! So your ticket includes access to watch and re-watch the stream until 5 PM EDT the following day. 

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LIM believes in art’s progression to dilate consciousness; a source to heal and ignite our emotional intelligence. by way of words, puppetry, performance, and film, lim cultivates purpose, connection and relief. find their work among the tribes of La MaMa, AMiOS, Center at West Park, Eugene O’Neil Theatre and Anna Lublina. limviolet.com

Doctor Superhelga aka MARTE holds an MFA in set design from NYU and various art and theater degrees from Norway. Most notably, Marte designed the puppets for “Hand to God” (Broadway & East End). Her projects: “Theater of Failed Operations”, “Doctor Superhelgas Petting Semetary” and “Doctor Superhelgas Cabinet of Curious Creatures”.)


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