Stay tuned for the next ‘Gasm!



$5 = Foreplay & Gasm
• One ticket to our raucous show-meets-party, Showgasm. (Doors @ 7pm; Show @ 8pm)!

$20 = 2 Drinks & a Slice PLUS Foreplay & ‘Gasm 
• 2 drink tix & a slice of pizza to be redeemed during Foreplay (Doors @ 7pm), followed by our raucous variety show, Showgasm. (Show @ 8pm)! 

Foreplay from 7-8PM!

What is Foreplay you ask? It’s your Showgasm. pre-game! Happy hour from 7-8pm at Bars Nova, featuring sick beats and even cheaper drinks ($20 for 2 drinks, a slice of pizza AND a Showgasm. ticket?! SAY WHAT!). Cause, hey, you know what makes a good ‘gasm even better? Foreplay!