The Beautiful Refrigerator is Empty

Wednesday, February 7 @ 8PM

Created & Performed by No Face Performance Group


Teena Geist is a perfectly normal fourteen-year-old girl. She has a best friend, Jessica. She has a crush on a boy, Tod. She dreams of going to the prom with that boy and being his prom queen. Except Tod is Jessica’s boyfriend. And Jessica has been missing for three days. The Beautiful Refrigerator is Empty is a drag cabaret of operatic teenage angst. It rips off the veneer of American high school life to reveal the darkness and depravity lurking underneath.



NO FACE PERFORMANCE GROUP is the long-term collaboration of New York-based Mark McCloughan and Philadelphia-based Jaime Maseda. Working together and with a revolving group of associate artists, they make performances using a wide variety of processes and sources.  Since the group was founded in 2007, they have created 16 original works. The group’s work has been seen at venues in New York (Ars Nova, JACK, CATCH Series), Philadelphia (Institute of Contemporary Art, The Barnes Foundation, FringeArts), Chicago (Links Hall)
and elsewhere.

JAIME MASEDA is an artist living and working in Philadelphia. He is one half of No Face Performance Group, a collaborative partnership with NYC-based artist Mark McCloughan. Working with a revolving group of associate artists, they’ve been making performances using a wide variety of processes and sources since 2007. Jaime has also performed and created with Lightning Rod Special, Pig Iron Theatre Company, Mel Krodman & Kelly Bond, Miguel Gutierrez, Magda & Chelsea, George & Co., Alex Torra and Orbiter 3. 

MARK MCCLOUGHAN is an artist and writer in New York City. He is one half of No Face Performance Group, a long-term collaboration with Philadelphia-based Jaime Maseda. Since 2014, he has collaborated with Eiko Otake as dramaturg for her solo project A Body in Places, which received a special citation at the 2016 New York Dance and Performance Bessie awards. The most recent of iteration of the project was co-commissioned by PERFORMA 17 and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. He has also collaborated with many other artists and companies, including Pig Iron Theatre Company, Team Sunshine Performance Corporation, New Paradise Laboratories and Mel Krodman & Kelly Bond. He is the author of the chapbook No Harbor (L + S Press, 2014) and his poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in American Poetry Review, Juked, Lines + Stars and decomP, among others.

SPENCER SHERIDAN travels extensively, pondering consciousness and confronting unconventional ideas. As a theater producer and designer, he works extensively with Thaddeus Phillips and No Face Performance Group, companies that challenge theatrical norms by experimenting in form and content. A couple years ago, Spencer “sold out” and moved to Los Angeles to mingle with famous idiots. Most recently, he has worked on the Adult Swim show Decker as an animator, as an editor for N*E*R*D and Super Deluxe and as a programmer and artist on various videos and interactive projects.



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