Andréa Lloyd Webber: The Same Stream Twice

Tuesday, May 22 @ 8PM 

Directed by DUSTIN WILLS



Semi-celebrated American mezzo-soprano Andréa Lloyd Webber and her intrepid spirituo-musical accompanist, Yon Yonson PhD (unaccredited), kick off their spring fling tour at Paradise Stream. Join the delusional duo at the most romantic couple’s resort in the Poconos for a high-tension variety show featuring some of their closest friends, revered mentors, and ambivalent acquaintances. Crooning! Skrelting! Innuendo! A brief(ish) reading from Andréa and Yon’s new BOOK! Be there, or be somewhere else.



JEANNA PHILLIPS makes and performs new music and theatre. Recent composition for theatre: Cowboy Bob (Polyphone Festival, Ars Nova). As a performer: Parable of the Sower (The Public Theatre). Alumna of the Yale Institute for Musical Theatre, current member of The Civilians’ R+D group. Upcoming: Cowboy Bob musical workshop in the Martel at New York Stage and Film. She is honored to work as Andréa Lloyd Webber’s personal assistant, a job that is as rewarding as it is demanding.

IAN AXNESS is a collaborative music director and pianist based in New York City, working between forms of concert music and contemporary theater. He has worked with organizations including the New York Philharmonic, Carnegie Hall, 92nd Street Y, Two River Theater, New Dramatists, Yale Rep, Pipeline Theatre, Juilliard and Oberlin College. He currently plays/conducts Sweeney Todd at the Barrow Street Theater, teaches at Playwrights Horizons Theater School and accompanies singers wherever and whenever possible.

ANDRÉA LLOYD WEBER is a classically trained jazz improvisationalist, tantric pottery enthusiast, erstwhile jingle writer (known as The Jingle Belle), and artiste en residence at Paradise Stream Couples Resort. Her first and latest book with Yon Yonson, The Same Stream Twice: The Same Stream Twice, is available for purchase out of the trunk of their 1982 Honda Accord. For booking, private engagements or bespoke jingle writing, please inquire with her personal assistant, Jenna Philips.

YON YONSON (PhD, unaccredited) exists in a wide straddle betwixt the academic and the artistic on his current earthly journey. He is the founder/dean/president/current professor emeritus of the Yonsonian Private Institute of Musical Portmantology and is honored to be píaníst in residénce and open swinger at Paradise Stream. For information on registration and pricing please contact his apprentice and representative Ian Axness.



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